So here goes… what happens when you jump on the bandwagon? You end up here I guess? That’s what the Internet is fast becoming for the masses, and so be it! Someone once said – no thought or idea is original, I feel the Internet is no exception. I recently visited somebody’s website and followed a link to the wordpress website and their blog and became duly interested. This has been the general following of my recent Internet activity – reading articles, following links to interesting websites, reading further articles, following links and so on until I find myself here. With the world wide web so accessibly and intimately linked and mapped more than we can ever imagine our own phone books to be (who would ever sit down and even attempt to do that?!) it is a place where we can discover many new possibilities and opportunities. But of course we all know this, it is now becoming more about how we collate all these possibilities. With sites such as google reader and newsgator it becomes quite simple to find the content that is right for you to find new thoughts that you never even thought about. Which brings me back to my thought of no thought being original. You find a new one, that’s new to you, so does it then become original? Well I guess no, in it’s true form of the word, but then for you it counts. We all jump on the bandwagon and it is mostly beneficial, it’s just how you go about collating what you’re jumping on.

 Gratitude: – that threaded pass that lead to the final goal gave a tiny glimpse of an FA Cup Final feeling. It’s all about the grass roots, so come on the lower league teams!


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