gathering thoughts

Isn’t it funny where and when exactly in the world we gather our thoughts? For many of us I’m sure we have common places such as, just before we go to sleep, out on a long walk in nature or just when you are going for a wee. The latter seems to be not so much a place to gather thoughts, but to come up with the best ideas. For some reason, this works for me, quite a lot. It’s the point where I am relaxed and focused on the one thing, as simple as that might sound. Thus I normally become inspired with some sort of great idea. Nevertheless, reporting that idea to a nearby friend, it doesn’t usually seem as good as when you originally had it. But you persevere and work it out and it eventually comes good. For instance, I had the idea earlier of posting this, however thinking about it now it doesn’t seem as good, however, I feel I’ve hopefully worked through that to make some sense of it… but I still might have failed… it doesn’t matter.

My point is, the next time you gather some thoughts, note where abouts and when that is and think about why it happened. Usually because you’ll be relaxed and focused doing a simple task. The benefit comes when you take this feeling and try and install it in your everyday life helping yourself to be inspired and captivated at any given moment.

Keep it simple.


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