green peppers

Why don’t green peppers taste as nice as the red, orange or yellow ones?

 I love peppers, they are one of my favourite vegetables. You can eat them fresh or cooked, whole, diced chunky or small and they taste good whatever… apart from the green ones. Even in supermarkets they are cheaper! A strange phenomenon in the vegetable world that green doesn’t taste as good. Do you think the other peppers laugh at the green ones? Maybe…

 Quote of the day – “If it’s nil-nil, is it still a draw?” A.Anson – Thank you.


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  1. Red is a fully ripe pepper, yellow is almost ripe and green is not ripe. Red peppers are the sweetest and green can be slightly bitter or flavour-less.

    So there, green peppers are bitter and flavourless. you could say that they’re ‘green’ with envy at the other, better tasting peppers!

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