the snappers

The ‘Snappers’ – usually men, wandering around the South Bank, London, seemingly with nothing better to do than let their Super-a-grade, long zoom, wide angle probing, perving, shooting black picture taker thingy hang from their necks advertising Nikon or Canon.

“I’m the next David Bailey” fuzzing through their mid-sized, but quite obviously peanut brains.

Opposing this, I say get original. We’ve all seen a million shots of the London Eye and Westminster at sunset, in silhouette, at night, in sepia or black and white and the rest as well as the ‘urban scene’ of graffiti artists and skate boarders doing super-cool jumps… yeah you rule!

south bank grafitti

No you don’t.

There’s far more interesting things in and around London to be shot at a million different angles – work harder.

That said, as a beginner photographer myself, I’ve been there and got the t-shirt, for a bit, not so much anymore. I can see the appeal as the South Bank is a very nice part of London, perched on the river there with it’s borderline dank urban/chic/cosmo/business style. But now I think it’s about time that the Snappers let go. I have, they can too.


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