loving mum

by Sandy Matthews

Sunny BrightonA quick dash home on Saturday morning to sunny Brighton (the sun is always shining there – it’s like Neighbours!) and I was in the middle of a busy shopping afternoon in full breath in the leisure town that my previous stamping ground seems to be trapped in. What has become a cool-to-be-seen-in town centre, it’s hard to picture the roots of the tres-liberal playground that I grew up in. With each weekend towards the summer filling with Londoniniums drafting south, it becomes more of a battle each time I head back, attempting to get my neck above all of the other revellers.

However, I wasn’t down for tomfoolery, quips and solace, but more importantly to attend a family assemblage, making small talk and answering the ubiquitous – “so what are you doing when you finish university?” I’m sure you can gather that this also wasn’t the sole reason for being home, but rather to see my mummy on a fine spring day to shower her with the love that she so deserves. It also happens to be her fiftieth birthday on Wednesday, to which she is a pinnacle of what any fifty year old would hope to be.

So here’s to you Mum – Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Birthday and thank you for everything you’ve ever given me.


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