unrest across the pond

                              Strike strike strike!

Casting some thoughts to those over in the US, specifically speaking, Hollywood, it has come to my attention that ‘Tinseltown’ ain’t all it’s cracked up to be (I think I knew that already, but anyway).

To break it down more simply, before you read the full post, it is that the two major unions that represent the performers – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), have broken down in talks. The dispute is over power and representation – the SAG undermining AFTRA, as SAG hold more members.

The breakdown comes before there are talks being held with the big-gun studios, who are represented by the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Pictures, about performers pay. In a few months time, a contract expires between the film and TV studios and the stars.

Things need to be resolved because it is quite probable that a strike could take place when the contract expires. If this happened, it would be a deadly blow to Hollywood, especially after the ubiquitous writers’ strike.

Now, to bring this into some relevance to British theatre, I feel that we should take a lesson from our, somewhat extremist, cousins. It is to the great lengths that they go in which they get some return – the artistes aren’t happy about the distribution of the money and so they do something about it. Perhaps, it is about time that British artistes – performers and writers alike, got together a voice, properly, about something that they weren’t happy with, usually pay, and made a real difference.

Read a couple of posts here, which, although I tried to put simply, they probably explain better and in more detail…




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