who’s getting that edinburgh feeling?

           It's hotting up in Scotland

The Edinburgh International Festivalhas released their new programme for this year’s festival (wahey!) and I have to confess, nothing gets me more excited. The fact that it features 11 major pieces of theatre, making it the most theatre focused programme in years, also gets my vote of confidence – especially with the daunting International Comedy Festival threatening theatre reputation at the festival.

Rumours were that Jonathan Mills, artistic director of EIF, was going to feature a lot of music, and so the theatre packed programme has come as a welcome surprise. Speaking to The Stage newspaper, Mills said:-

 “A lot of people said, ‘Oh, this guy from Australia is a muso, he’ll do a lot of music’. But, actually, I am as interested in the theatre programme as I am in the dance programme.”

Good on him.

There is also a potent feature of dance, which further strengthens theatre and dance as a major player of the whole Edinburgh festival – International and Fringe.

Mills also speaks about his “maturation of the relationship” with Matthew Bourne (Nutcracker! appeared in the 1992 EIF). Bourne will return to this year’s festival with his company New Adventures and this sort of household name is a welcome boost – let’s hope we see some other names up there in years to come, where Mills calls Edinburgh a place that “has nurtured many people’s careers.”

Now all we have to do is wait for 5 June – the launch of the Official Fringe Programme. It’ll be a first glance at who’s there and who’s where – for those who aren’t, they’ll certainly be missing out. I just can’t wait for the programme to drop through the door!

n.b. for those of you who read the post chiefs say – “no rain in our theatre!” – it was an April fool – of course you knew that though, right?


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