the battersea powerhouse of theatre

          A big thumbs up!

Good news. Our favourite place upon the lovely Lavender Hill, The Battersea Arts Centre, is saved! Wahey. If you didn’t already know this, please, get with the times. However, the reason why I am dragging this news story out again, is that it is not only saved, but already promising an excellent future concerning the development of British theatre. The centre’s propositions are tantalisingly good and a sole example of a future to aim for.

Here is a great summary of the BAC’s plans for the next few years on Andrew Haydon’s post for Guardian Unlimited.

The main point in the summary that I would like to draw attention to is the 2009 Home project:-

Another brilliant initiative is 2009’s Home project, which will see BAC offer actual live-in residencies to 24 practitioners.

After writing my blog about the use of theatre buildings for children, following on from Lyn Gardner’s review of theatre start times, emphasising the use of theatre buildings all day long, this is the exact way that theatres should be using their facilities. Granted, BAC is a huge building with the potential to do this, however, it is step in the right direction that many theatres could take. If you’re feeling creative at 3am, then jump up with your pals, hit the studio light switch and create! It sounds like a theatre-makers paradise and let’s hope we see some advantageous results of the scheme producing some first class theatre.

The BAC is a powerhouse for producing and developing theatre performance talent across the board. The situation they now face ensures that they can continue to provide cutting edge, innovative and excellent work in the grand way that they have done in the past.


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