i’m back! with a lift

Not that kind!

After disappearing off of the radar for a little while (I had a degree to finish!), I’m back on the scene and have some things to write about (this is the part where you go “ooooooh” like a TV studio audience).

Most recent updates are that I will definitely be in Edinburgh for the festival this August. Although I’m working in a nice backstage role, I will be seeing plenty of good and bad theatre to blog.

But for now, I’m stopping by very quickly to mention LIFT 2008 – previously the London International Theatre Festival. What genius decided to swap the F and the T around?! Perhaps the London International Featre Thestival? Anyway…

It’s kicking off from today in Stratford until 21 June:-

“Lift Festival 2008 Stratford features 30 events including UK premieres from India and South Africa and local works from Canning Town and Stratford. Meet Lift International Associates, artists and local communities and join the conversation about what matters to us most.”

It then moves slightly more central to the Southbank Centre from 26 June until 6 July:-

“Lift Festival 2008 Southbank Centre presents global reports from Australia, Canada, China and New Zealand. These UK premiere performances, selected by Lift’s International Associates, are testimonies from artists and communities engaged with the issues of our time. Artists performing at Southbank Centre include The Black Arm Band (Australia), Lemi Ponifasio/MAU (New Zealand), Tara Cheyenne Performance (Canada) and Living Dance Studio (China).”

It culminates back over towards the east in Shoreditch from 16 until 24 August:-

“The Lift at Shoreditch Festival features a unique dance collaboration between ANGIKA and local troupe Ebonessence, spectacular French contemporary circus K’boum, Ragroof Theatre and a spoken-word evening produced by Apples and Snakes. The Lift will also host an intriguing world premiere event commissioned by Lift and devised by Coney.”

So take your pick from that lot. It’s nicely broken up so that you can catch it at some time or other, or if you’re hardcore and you want to see lots, you can take a break between the periods.

Here’s the link to the world wide website – http://www.liftfest.org.uk/festival.aspx – and look out for the uber cool ‘The Lift’ – “a mobile arts venue that could be raised quickly, with a flexible interior capable of hosting a range of events – from large-scale performances to intimate discussions.”

There we are. Sorry if you’ve missed this, but now my degree is out of the way I will endeavour to keep my blogs going until further notice.


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  1. Hi Sandy
    Perhaps it’s impolite … but how were the finals? Is the degree now well and truly under wraps?
    Curious from Downunder.

    PS August in Edinburgh sounds a treat.

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