following the leader, the leader, the leader

Cheap - like the budgie...

One of the London’s and the UK’s leading dance houses has followed the lead of the National Theatre and introduced their own £10 ticket initiative. The inaugural Saddler’s Wells theatre, which sits pretty in the borough of Islington, will be offering audiences the chance to see some international choreographer’s debut work to the UK. The people at the Wells have so decided to call the scheme “Debut”, which is highly original and I’m sure took a great deal of pondering over.

The first company that we are lucky enough to see will be:-

“Emanuel Gat Dance, who will present Winter Voyage, Through the Centre and the UK premiere of Silent Ballet on September 19-20.”

It’s nice to see another UK flagship venue setting the bar of offering premium dance and theatre at a bargain rate, enabling a wide audience to taste some of the world’s finest. Let’s just hope we start seeing the rest of Theatreland, most notably the West End, following suit – although I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Check out these two links for more info:-


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