big opera winds up locals in a good way

A bit of news that you may have already heard is that the opera producing powerhouse nestled down in the quaint Sussex countryside has taken its stance on helping contribute to renewable energy resources. Glyndebourne Productions Limited, as it’s officially known, managed to seek approval to “erect a 230ft high wind turbine, which will cut its carbon emissions by 70%” against some neighbours dis-approvals of East Sussex who thought it would ‘look bad – Oh, boo-hoo!

The truth is that it is another exemplary action which many other providers of first class entertainment should be aiming for. Granted, Glyndebourne has a great area of land in which to construct a renewable source of energy, nevertheless it sets a real bar – not only as a provider of world class opera but also as a leading example of how to run an establishment on renewable energy to be a sustainable provider to itself and its beautifully green surroundings.

If you are a CEO of a huge company – arts based or not – please take note!

Read the full post here from The Stage


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