what makes the festival so special?

I think it would be an appropriate time to fill in on the journey so far. When I say journey I mean that literally as I write this from my somewhat comfortable train chair. The landmark wheel in York seems like a justified halfway point with a fairly eventful journey – actually hardly at all, apart from the hen-do rabble of chirping chicks boarding at Doncaster making it a livelier affair (there’s goes the bubbly!). Last year’s journey didn’t have the luxury of Wi-Fi, thus showing the importance of this route from the hub of London to arguably centre point of Scotland’s urban landscape.

At this point, I haven’t spotted any fellow potential Edfest –ites, –onians or –evians. I’m trying to work out what most other people have as the purpose for their journey. Not to be patronising that Edinburgh only functions for the festival – anything but. Although, naturally, the festival is the most popular time with the Scottish capital’s population doubling during August.

During the time so far, apart from compiling my networking for the festival’s coverage, I’ve had a flick through the Fringe brochure to see what I could spot for the potential must-sees (bit of an oxy-moron but oh well). I’m halfway through and have so far noted The Terrible Infants with their “new, extended version”, Mark Watson trying to fill a massive auditorium and Obong – Akwa-Cross-River Dance Company which I’m billing as the replacement for last year’s Tom Tom Club.

Don’t worry; I’ll compile the results of a more thorough examination some time later on, for you UFN readers to see.

For now, the journey is to be enjoyed and a question mulled over – what is it exactly about the Edinburgh festival that has made it grown into the world’s largest arts festival? Is it perhaps the size, layout and geographical location of the city? Or the number of suitable and potential venues to facilitate rapid growth? Or even the mix of tourist attractions to help bums on seats? Whatever it is, the specialty of it all has got me coming back for another year and I know there’s nothing else to beat it.


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