looking into the future – some points of interest

Having a good old fashioned browse of the t’internet and also after receiving some items in my Google Reader I thought I couldn’t specifically blog about them all, so I decided to compile a list for all you theatrephiles to take a look at for yourselves. Click the links to take you there:-

  • A TV channel specifically about theatre – Theatreland.tv – Particularly interesting for the future of Theatre and the Internet and providing good quality content rather than a load of YouTube videos.
  • Boris Johnson has pledged further support for the arts and culture industry. Notably the funding running in tandem with the 2012 Olympic games.
  • The Creator’s of South Park and Avenue Q composer have teamed up to write a musical titled “Mormon Musical“. Although it won’t be over here for a while, it’s certainly something to keep an eye on.
  • The Credit Crunch has possibly been the most used word of 2008. Obviously affecting everyone but how will affect theatre and the arts? In a lot of ways of course, but here are some solutions.

There’s a few things to look out for in the coming months. Let me know your thoughts on any of them and how they will/have affected you. Enjoy!


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