pappy’s is primetime genius

For today’s blog, I’m not going to beat around the bush but get straight into it. I saw a sketch comedy called ‘Pappy’s Fun Club’ and the show is a prime example for my blog – what theatre should be about.

The show tells the story of four fun-loving friends and their adventures in the club that is overlooked by a guy called Pappy. Brendon, Matthew, Ben and Tom (in no particular order) play a multitude of parts, each with a few props and costume changes to tell the story of how Pappy will pull the plug on their club unless they can find a more environmentally friendly way of powering it.

Through several mediums, ‘Funergy’ is the idea that they come up with, but just how they do it is where the journey really takes its course and also the reason why you’ll have to go and see it.

It’s an all round enriching and beautiful tale at the heart of it and it’s the smattering of pure genius comedy which keeps it flowing and inevitably holds the piece together.

As a piece technically, it has to be placed under a microscope to find any faults. The pace of the four performers is undeniably expert and you find yourself envying their talents at many times. They know the show so well that it becomes playful and engaging yet they manage to somehow place the audience at the centre of it through their over-the-top but honest and personal delivery.

If the technical aspects aren’t enough, then the writing undoubtedly adds to the strength of this piece. Even though it’s sketch, each sketch has a strong correlation and each part lends itself to one another completing a nicely rounded piece which leaves you feeling incredibly satisfied. The cyclical storytelling ensures that no prop, song, gesture, word or thought is unnecessary and that’s exactly what we want to see in a piece of theatre.

As I said before, if not for the comedy, see this show on the simple basis that it is a great piece of theatre and something that we should all aim for.

Pappy’s Fun Club – ‘Funergy’ is on at 6.40pm at the Cabaret Bar, Pleasance Courtyard – Venue No. 33.


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